ESR 10
Project Title  Patient-centred eHealth as an accessible first step intervention for FD
Host institution  Aarhus University, Denmark
Supervisor  Dr. Lisbeth Frostholm
Required qualifications

 You could have a degree in psychology, medicine, or health sciences and possibly clinical   experience, and experience with end-user involvement and eHealth.

 You are creative and possess high academic integrity. You have a talent for project management   in collaboration with internal and international colleagues.

Duration   36 months


The main goal of this project is to develop personalized eHealth in a collaboration with numerous European countries. The study will be performed in three overall steps including partners across Europe in the development, translation and testing of the material. First, this ESR will learn how to develop a first 'one size fits all' prototype that will be initially tested in 5-10 European Centres and subsequently adapted and expanded based on the results of this pilot and on based on patient requirements for example addressing specific symptom presentations or sub-categories of FD. The final treatment will be tested in a larger multi-centre cross country clinical study. The ESR will learn how to apply a participatory design employing end-user involvement in the development and design.

Expected Results: 

  1. Development and initial testing of eHealth self-help prototype
  2. Development of final eHealth self-help programme based on initial testing
  3. Testing of final programme in larger multi-centre study in several European Countries

Planned secondments and research visits: 

  1. RelieVR B.V. (RVR), Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Mrs. Fennema); Start: Month 12; Duration: 4 months; Aim: learn about development of an eHealth product
  2. University of Sheffield (USFD), Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care (Prof. Burton), Sheffield, UK; Start: Month 19; Duration: 6 months; Aim: learn about acceptable explanations for FD