Project Title  Dysfunctional Breathing as a transdiagnostic mechanism underlying FD
Host institution  Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
Supervisor  Prof. Joanna Rymaszewska
Required qualifications  
Duration   36 months


The main goal of this project is to study dysfunctional breathing patterns as underlying FD, in order to develop diagnostic instruments and new treatment options. We aim to study dysfunctional breathing patterns and their relation to different FD by establishing breathing patterns in patients with different types of symptoms with the use of objective sensor-based methods collected using wearables and psychometric and qualitative analyses of subjective self-report measures. We will study objective versus subjective symptoms, symptom perception, and identify risk factors for persistence of symptoms. The result will be used to develop Euro-pean recommendations covering diagnosis and treatment.

Expected Results: 

  1. Information on dysfunctional breathing patterns in FD
  2. Information on risk factors for occurrence and persistence of dysfunctional breathing patterns in FD
  3. Diagnostic instruments for dysfunctional breathing patterns
  4. New treatment options for FD based on dysfunctional breathing

Planned secondments and research visits: 

  1. KU Leuven (KUL), Faculty of Psychology and Educational sciences health psychology (Prof. van den Bergh), Leuven, Belgium; Start: Month 14; Duration: 5 months; Aim: learn about breathing patterns and symptom perception
  2. Breath in Balanz B.V. (BIB), Meppel, Netherlands (Mrs. Nijhuis); Start: Month 26; Duration: 6 months; Aim: obtain knowledge about the translation of research findings in a commercial treatment product